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Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Inggrid Kansil Sexy Hot Mom

Inggrid Kansil famous as Information Entertainment Presenter TV, Sinetron Star of Indonesia, for now she as Parliament deputy of politic party Democrat have complete name is Inggrid Maria Palupi Kansil. Ingrid Kansil born in Cianjur, West Java, November 9, 1976; age of 34 years who has a full name Ingrid Maria Palupi Kansil, S. Sos is a sitcom actress, host, and star ad. 

He is a member of parliament from the Democrats period 2009-2014 for the Region IV Election of West Java.Eldest of four brothers, children and spouse Setyabuddy Kansil Kansil Inne, started his career as commercials. Even as the number of ads that starred, was dubbed the queen Ingrid ad. From the ad went to the soap opera dirinnya. Some who've starred in soap operas such as When We're Dating Again (RCTI 2005), Supreme Love (RCTI 2006), Taqwa (RCTI 2006), and Witch Love (SCTV 2007). Alumnus IISIP Jakarta is also a presenter of infotainment Kroscek on Trans TV since 2004.

 Previously he was also guiding the morning gossip show on RCTI (2003) and reality shows Lenses We TVRI.Ingrid is married to a widower with 3 children, Syarief Hasan, MM, MBA who is now a member of Parliament who served as Chairman of the Democratic Party vice-secretary general of the Parliament of the Democratic Party Wedding held on June 26, 1999 has been blessed with a child, Fatima Amorrette Ziankha Syarief .

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